- or The Real Reason ‘The Secret’ didn’t work for you!



Did you enjoy the book and/or film of ‘The Secret’  by Rhonda Byrne?  Were you excited and encouraged by the revelations and success of others who seem to effortlessly manifest the life they desire? Have you yet to find similar results and changes in your own life? Frustrating, isn’t it?

Although there are literally hundreds of books and courses and methods which promise to follow on from where ‘The Secret’ left off and assure you of certain results, most appear to over-promise and under-deliver.

That’s why I was delighted – and relieved – to find ‘The Secret of Deliberate Creation’ by Dr Robert Anthony – a reputable mind scientist, with his own established practice and authority.

He was invited to take part in the filming of ‘The Secret’, but declined because, although the theory of the universal laws was presented in a compelling and dramatic manner, the movie missed the crucial element of practical instruction on how to apply this knowledge– and, as he explains in this course – knowledge without action is futile.



Taking Action

If you are expecting smoke and mirrors and an easy route to sitting back and letting everything come to you, you may be disappointed. This is not a dramatic presentation, full of hype and empty promises!  It is a calm, logical and scientific approach to explaining what quantum physics teaches us about how the universe functions (don’t worry – no mathematics or scientific jargon required!) and how to harness these laws to design the life we desire.

Be prepared to:-

  1. Address ingrained misconceptions about the natural world. Discover how our thoughts are governed by the natural laws, and so control all aspects of our lives, from material wealth to relationships, success and inner peace.
  2. Accept that we are not victims of circumstance, but creators of everything that has happened in our lives to date, either intentionally or by default.

In short, prepare to be challenged! But the good news is that facing the challenges brings a great reward– the realization that you are no longer at the mercy of whatever life may throw at you, but the master of your own circumstances.

I’m a trained scientist (I even studied some quantum physics at university!), so woolly thinking doesn’t cut it for me – I need facts and evidence. I have had the CD’s on loop in my car now for several months – I can listen and listen again, and continue to learn something new and life-changing each time. The content is staggeringly powerful, yet easy to follow and implement.

This is a course that under-promises and over-delivers – and probably the only self-help course you’ll ever need!