Why it’s Important to Find a Job You Love

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The biggest mistake that home workers make is to NOT look for a job they love. They choose work based on their previous experience, because they still believe that’s all they know! It’s almost like the boss is still looking over their shoulder and they are still in ‘office mode’ -you know: I’m at work and so it follows that I must be suffering! For that reason, we decided to outline exactly why your productivity, income -and sanity!- all depend on understanding why it’s important to know how to find a job you love.


Conrary to popular belief, human beings do not thrive under pressure. They might get concentrated results over the short term, as and when required, but deadlines and panic do not make for a harmonious workplace. Once you get your body and brain to cooperate to get a project out fast and on time, you can’t expect a fast turnaround for the next deadline. Your mind has been easily fooled into giving you emergency results just this once – but it does not like to be treated like that on an ongoing basis. Once bitten, twice shy!

Studies continue to show that we really give of our best, consistently and long term, when our brains are relaxed, fluid and adaptable -not worn out and frazzled! So pleasure in your work is critical -and, of course, one of the main reasons you have chosen to work from home. Be careful to avoid overdoing it and forgetting to relax. See the following article published in The Guardian: “WHY is home more stressful than work?”

At this point, you are probably wondering how it is possible to choose work you love, especially if your valued clients ask you to do something at short notice -and it’s just about the most jaw-droppingly boring subject matter you have ever come across. Of course, this will happen from time-to-time, but there are ways of making sure it doesn’t show up too often.

Choose your specialist niche carefully and precisely. When a last-minute boredom task shows up, use it to your advantage to help you re-write your niche description a bit more accurately, to ensure that particular topic or format can’t fall through a loop-hole again! It’s a really effective principle, because whenever you do get offered any unpleasant topic and asked if you can do it, you can either point to your niche description and give them a flat-out “no’, or you have the option to do it, but charge more – whatever your price would be to make it worth your while. That way you are in complete control and in a better position to keep the work enjoyable and fun – and only take on the less interesting stuff if it suits your purposes.

Another reason why enjoying your job is so important is that your internal energy levels will be higher and you will be able to give of your best self for longer.

Even if clients upset you or you are behind on a deadline, you will be more able to cope with it , without crumbling or freaking out.

enjoy the journey

And, lastly : completing the job is not the only target. The process is part of the package. When you enjoy your work, you start to enjoy the journey, not only the attainment of the finish line.

I hope this has convinced you to give up the mind garbage that tells you a job must be unpleasant, and gives you motivation to discover how to find a job you love.

Even at home, you will spend at least a third of your life at work -it doesn’t make sense to wish that away. Your aim should be to feel just as happy at work as you feel out of work. Monday doesn’t have to be miserable; an easier to find work you love


How to Find Work You Love

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Do What You Love and Love What You Do | Kickstarting Your Career over 50


Over the last few years, the number of jobs around has declined so far that you might think that enjoying your work is a luxury, and the media reinforces that belief by running articles on how it’s so difficult to find a job after 50. But that’s not the case, and more than ever before it’s vital that your career change at 50 starts with discovering your real purpose and the talents that set you apart from the competition.

hire me

If you see yourself simply as one of many faceless individuals doing everything you can to score an interview and get a foot in the door anywhere, you are actually ignoring your most important asset -your individuality!

In addition, you are selling short another valuable asset -your years of experience and knowledge- by putting yourself in the ring alongside the young and inexperienced. Your skills and maturity should be paying you more, not taking you back to the level of student work!

The first thing to consider is the difference between a ‘job’ and your life’s purpose.

It’s true that the number of jobs is disappearing, as mechanization and computerization reduce the need for many traditional jobs. In fact, it has been estimated that up to 80% of today’s careers could be gone in the next 20 years. The future of paid employment is looking bleak according to Rohit Talwar. In a recent article, he predicted that today’s children might have to do 40 different jobs in their working life.

If you come from the position of trying to find a job to pay the bills, you become a faceless contender among the thousands doing the same.

If you do the same as everyone else, how can you expect to deliver work that is of value? You are just asking employers to treat you like slave labour -selling off the hours in the week to anyone who will have you.

That air of desperation is obvious -and off putting!

So what’s the smarter strategy for a career change at 50? Not looking for a job, but discovering how to use your true abilities to design the unique work that only you can do. Getting back to what you were gifted with -and what you are motivated to share- is the real key to success and the answer to that burning question “What should I do with my life?”

Instead of getting lost in amongst the ‘also rans’, its time to set yourself apart and shine in the power of the unique gifts you bring to the world.

doing what you love


Discover the resources available to help you solve the puzzle of ‘what is my purpose in life‘. Take your time and don’t panic!  Study the new resources available to you, especially the flexible business models online. Arm yourself with the facts about the positive opportunity you have to enjoy the work you design in line with your personality in a career change at 50. The critical factor is that you are not preparing yourself to be able to do just anything an employer asks, but you are preparing to  offer that special something that only you can deliver to the World!

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