Are you getting married this summer?

Have you chosen your wedding music? If not, -why not?


It always surprises me how many couples spend months and years selecting every last detail of their wedding day planning – from the dress and the bridesmaids outfits, to the invitations, flowers and each course of the wedding breakfast, but hardly give a thought to the music for the ceremony and who will provide it!

Then they panic when the priest or vicar asks what hymns they have chosen, and, quite often, just go along with whatever he suggests! So who is to blame when the video of the church ceremony is a disaster of wrong notes, fluffed cues and a mute congregation mumbling along to something they have never heard of?

Have a look at the following clip, where the bride and groom manage to see the funny side of having an ill-prepared wedding organist:

Just as you wouldn’t let the florist choose the flowers for your big day, the music deserves to be a reflection of you, the bride and groom, your personal tastes and a shared memory of the day for you and your guests.

There’s no excuse for leaving the wedding ceremony music to chance, especially when as little as 2 hours can ensure that everything goes to plan on the day. That is, 2 hours and a great little book entitled ‘Your Wedding Music’ , now available on Amazon. Click here to get your copy and get all you need to know to ensure that every detail from the bridal march to hymn sheets is sorted effortlessly. The added benefit is the humour and wedding day anecdotes which add to the enjoyment of the book – and illustrate hilarious examples of what to avoid!!

The author, David Sullivan, is a highly-experienced wedding organist in Ayrshire, Scotland and shares his knowledge gained as a participant in over 500 Scottish weddings. Don’t just take my word for it, hear him play Mendelssohn’s bridal march