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How to Get Published Fast | Hire a Publishing Consultant

Posted by Plus on February 15, 2017 in Get Your Book Published |

 How a Publication Coach Can Avoid Procrastination to Get It Done



How long does it take to get a physical book published? With the Amazon Createspace platform, the actual publishing process could probably be done in a week when the content is ready – but, there’s the problem – the content!

 The Dilemma : ‘Get it Perfect’ or ‘Get It Done’?

When you are publishing a book that is unique to you, you can be paralysed by the desire to get it perfect. That fear comes from the old method of traditional publishing. When you had to get your idea approved by a publishing house and work with a book editor, the procedure was so slow and laborious – not to mention stressful – that most people only went through the system once. If you only had one book to write , there was a lot at stake to get your best work in there at once, and you needed to make sure it was absolutely perfect. If you want to see your book in print quickly and are ready to step into your new title of ‘published’ author, then you need to understand the case for self-publishing!

How Self-Publishing Allows Creativity to Flow Faster

When you know how easy -and fast – it is to self-publish, and discover how cost-effective it can be, the pressure to cram a lifetime’s work into one volume is off. You have the potential to write as many books as you wish – and when you know how, there will be no stopping you! But how do you get over that all-important hurdle of learning the approach and overcoming procrastination to see you first book in print?

Avoid Years of Time Wasting by working with a Publication Coach

This is the fastest and surest way to get over your writer’s block and hold your first print copy in your hand in weeks! A publishing consultant does more than just guide you through the printing process, they are there to keep you on track by blasting the doubts that the mind throws up to keep you stuck. Like any coach, a book coach is there to get you to book publication day in the shortest time possible. This is the key to being a published author – finish one book! After that, you will find the whole process much easier and you will be able to publish your own books as and when you like – at very low cost!



Where to find a Book Publishing Coach you can trust

The problem is not in finding a publication coach – the Internet is awash with freelancers offering their services. However, publication is not just about the physical process, and it’s important to work with a coach who has strong writing and editorial skills. When you work with someone who understands the importance of good writing skills and won’t allow typing errors or spelling mistakes to creep in, you know you are in safe hands and have the peace of mind to just concentrate on getting your thoughts down on paper -or the computer screen.

Like everything else, you get what you pay for, but your investment in a publishing consultant will pay for itself, not only getting you to publication much faster than you could achieve on your own and leading you through the process, but as a trusted guide, who can assess the quality of your copy, help with editing and optimising your text and make sure your work is of the highest professional standard.

How much will it cost you to wait and think “I’ll get round to publishing my book one day”? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action. Cut through the excuses and get started today!



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